The Stoner Anthem


So darling, let me have just another puff,

It’s been so long that I haven’t had that stuff,

I know you’ve made your point,

But darling, it’s just a fking joint,

I don’t want to lie,

Sometimes I just need to get high,

You really seem to care about the damage it could do

but let’s be fair, it’s another place that it takes you to.

Can you quit it, maybe I should ask you


There’s no devil here, not the one you’re looking for

It’s just a liberator, unshackling chains and breaking the law

So keep your wisdom locked up in your conventional mind

Don’t let it out, cause that’s the only place it belongs

There’s enough of everything pulling us back, so just sing us a new song.


So don’t you mind, don’t be so radical

the smoke just makes it hazy for you to judge

We are not the lucky ones, just mere mortals

Living in circles, our lives ruined by drudge

Sometimes life can be endless, and that’s what we fear

That things will be the same, year after year

With no purpose, what do you live for

You thirst for a fight, hope for that war

And you’ve had better days,

and now you’re living with your lonely ways,

Worshiping the shrine of sadness, silenced by the noise,

you see the blank screen in front you, with words as your only toys.


So we’ve got bigger problems, so stay awhile, before you go,

It’ll all be better before you even know,

This only makes you human, even if it makes you weak

Let the Tambourine man play his song, its only solace we seek.


Drugs and alcohol are not my problem. Reality is my problem. Drugs and alcohol are my solution.” – Russell Brand


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