Is Travel the road to Nirvana?


While travelling in Europe last year I met a lot of interesting people. All travellers in their own right. Some more travelled than others. A few on their first international trip. Many who love the life on the road, others taking a short break to escape the monotony of their everyday lives. I also know of many who haven’t left their city and are yet to get out there. But they all have something in common. They all want to travel. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t. Or perhaps anyone who doesn’t like the idea of travel.

Everyone travels differently, with a different agenda.  And there isn’t any correct way to do so. Some folk want to see the wonders of the world, some would like to party at exotic beaches and some like me to just be around and see what the place throws up – just to see and understand a little bit of the world. One place at a time.

But this entire travel – wanderlust scene is being overdone. Looking at a picture of someone, backpack strung across his shoulders, walking through a breathtaking scenery is instantly associated with happiness – a sort of escapism and entry into this worryless world of new experiences. And that my friends is Marketing, not travel.

To be honest, ‘Into the Wild’ is what really got me into the travel space. McCandless’s anti materialist ethic, free-spirited travels really struck a chord with me. And I did get close to doing that but I guess I am not that courageous and now I am not sure I may ever. But thats still is part of the dream.

But I did travel a bit and had some amazing experiences. It did teach me a lot. But none of it really life changing. Nothing like the inspirational posts on Instagram. Common, who I am kidding, 2 weeks on the road doesn’t change too much. That’s like hoping for a miracle. But it does open you up to so many new and refreshing perspectives.

Travel has now become a trend. And from a trend it has now evolved into a rat race. Everyone wants a stamp on their passport. More the better. I had a friend put up a post on Facebook – ‘5 Cities in 7 days!”.

Thats is just defeating the purpose of it all. We turn the thing that allows us to temporarily escape from the rat race into a rat race in itself. It has become more about validation and approval on social media rather than doing it for the thrill and joy of it. Even worse, it puts quite a bit of pressure on folks who cannot afford to travel.

We are all guilty of this. Overselling and overdoing it and need to slow down.

While travelling to Thailand while browsing through ‘The Beach’ by Alex Garland (it was shot on Maya Islands in Thailand) I came across the following quote. While I don’t completely agree with it, it is definitely worth considering to bring us back to reality to simply enjoy travelling and keeping it more personal.

“I don’t keep a travel diary. I did keep a travel diary once and it was a big mistake. All I remember of that trip is what I bothered to write down. Everything else slipped away, as though my mind felt jilted by my reliance on pen and paper. For exactly the same reason I don’t travel with a camera. My holiday becomes the snapshots and anything I forget to record is lost.”
― Alex Garland, The Beach

*Photograph taken at Ao Nang beach, Krabi – June 2017.

What’s going on Shaun!

It’s been 2 years since I moved to the UAE. I thought I’d list down all the eventful stuff I’ve done and been through,  since these experiences often get forgotten. Some really cool, others really challenging. These are bittersweet memories. Some I want to remember but some I’d rather forget.

  • Jan 2015 to Sep 2016: Stayed in 7 different apartments and rooms ranging from 5 days to 3 months, across 3 cities – Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Dubai.   This was a crazy period. Period.
  • Jan 2015: First encounter with Bedbugs and heavy snorers. Fortunately our love affair didn’t last too long.
  • Jan 2015 to Dec 2016: Travelled to 7 new countries – Lebanon,  Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Oman
  • Jan 2015 to Dec 2016: Left Bombay for Dubai – 6 times – leaving home got tougher each time 😦
  • August 2015: Experienced my first ever surprise Birthday Party in Abu Dhabi
  • September 2015: Asked Nadia to marry me on a Jumeirah Beach
  • Nov 2015: Celebrated Halloween on the streets of Beirut
  • December 2015: Hit an all time high of 80kgs.
  • April 2016: Won a contest for the first time in my life – with Nadia – Canon Photo Contest
  • May 2016: Randomly backpacked across Europe
  • May 2016: Fell asleep in a park bench in Munich
  • June 2016: Stayed in a party hostel in Budapest – attended a Sparty – Beer Festival
  • June 2o16: Took a cruise from Vienna to Bratislava – first international ferry ride across borders 🙂
  • June 2016: Cycled through Salzburg in the cold rain
  • August 2016: Rode in an Abra to a fancy Thai restaurant to bring in my birthday -Fancy friends. Received several hilarious Parody birthday videos.
  • September 2016: Camped overnight for the first time in a dessert in Dubai
  • Oct 2016: Best man for the first time. So the boys have finally started getting married.
  • Nov 2016: Worked for 40 hours at a stretch without sleep or showers. Spearmint saved the day.
  • Nov 2016: Drove a car for the first time
  • Dec 31 2016: Attended Coldplay live in Concert in Abu Dhabi on New Years Eve

Thank you! (Dream Reader)

Please forgive me if this letter sounds like I’m selling myself, no, wait my skills, or rather my profile to you. Job portals have done this to me. Forgive me if I sound like I am seeking approval and ignore my incoherent rambling. The countless applications that I have filled in anticipation of an interview call has made me sound like this.

But I know that you will not judge me. Not by this letter at least. Or my writing skills. You will read this with a big smile across your face. Even though I should have written this a decade ago. Or much before that. You will smile and humbly brush it aside, as if all your sacrifices were not worthy of even a little praise. And you will thank me for this. Even though this is my thank you letter. You will thank me nonetheless and tell me how brilliant I am. How I should perhaps have become a writer. How no one is quite as great as me.

But don’t. Cause these words can’t match up. They can’t do you justice. And they will fall short. But that’s all right. Because I know you understand. That I’m unable to convey my gratitude, quite the way you do. You always understand.

So thank you. For encouraging me and always helping me see the bright side. For being as brave as you are. For being a fighter. Always fighting for me.

Thank you for everything. And above all, for understanding that you don’t need this letter, a letter like this, to know how much I appreciate all that you do.

Love you Ma.

What this is all about #blogging101

There’s no denying it, the blogs title is suggestive in a way. I am bored easily and it isn’t difficult to capture my interest. This blog is an attempt to get beyond that. To push through the mundane. To have a sense of purpose.

Words are a powerful tool and this blog helps me slow down and take stock of my life. Nothing in my apartment manages to stay private and leaving a diary around with its pages stained with the ink that’s poured from my mind isn’t the brightest idea. So it’s strange then that I decide to occasionally broadcast some of it on the world’s most public forum.

A friend once told me, my posts allow her to get inside my head. And that is what they are. About the way I perceive things and sometimes the way I would like you to see it. You know you are not alone. We are all alike. And we all have bad days. Take comfort in my pain.

I am not an unhappy person. Although my posts are sad. It’s hard to write when you’re having a good time.

I do not get attached but I struggle to let go. I’d like to be a minimalist. But for now I have too many things holding me back. This blog is little bit about that too.

I am a marketing professional but my boss said she lost a copy writer when I quit my job. I love to write. But I find the process tedious. Without direction and a plan it’s a task to get myself to do anything.

“blogging101” forces me to dish out something. It’s easier to follow something when it is already structured. When I don’t have to labour over what to write about. I can draw in the boundaries of my imagination and focus on specific areas. It pushes me to embrace my inner tunnel vision.

So let’s get writing. Let the games begin!

The BlogStation

The BlogStation

How I lost 2% BF in 2 Weeks

Circa 2007: Your getting a little tummy mate, said my co worker mockingly. Annoying prick had a 6 pack. ‘Whoa, no chance mate, I’m too thin for that to happen. I just can’t put on any weight’ I replied, my pride hurt. ‘Whatever, that what everyone says at your age’ he said and walked away.

Fast-forward 2014: Those somewhat washboard abs have merged into one big ugly bump giving me the look of kwashiorkor kid we learned about back in school.

You see growing up I was scrawny (yes, people often called me that) and grossly underweight. Went on a mission to put on weight care if it was fat or muscle, my obsession was with the needle to move right. Well it definitely turned out to be more fat than muscle. A lot more fat.

But at least I got the numbers up from 53kgs to 80kgs.


Anyway, a couple of months back I casually visited the dietician at work, since a colleague of mine was going and it seemed an interesting idea to check my stats, you know body fat, BMI and all. I like performance stats for some reason. I have no idea why.

While it was nothing surprising that my body fat shown at 20% it made me feel pretty bad all the same. Maybe because just 5 years ago it was at 14? but yeah fuck that was 5 years ago before I went on my ‘See Food Diet’ to put on some pounds which went horribly wrong and instead of Tom Hardy from Warrior made me look like Homer Simpson (it won’t be long before my head looks like his as well but I’ll save my balding story for another day)

So I decided to go on a diet. The Slow Carb Diet suggested by the super human Tim Ferris ( the guys a genius, read his work) It must be easy I  thought. Well it was and it wasn’t. But I learned quite a bit during the whole process which can be applied to life in general. Here goes.

It is much easier to eat than not to eat.

When I was thin, I thought these fat folks have it easy. If you have a super fast metabolism like I did back then, you have to work for each pound that you put on. It’s not easy. Eating all that food is tough and time consuming. But I still found that to be much easier than saying no to food. Not eating something is difficult for obvious reasons such as hunger, comfort foods etc but it also has to do with the people around you. Eating healthy or maybe following a particular diet becomes such a big deal. People get all cocky and say ‘oh your dieting’ drawing all kinds of unwanted attention.

It’s also, for some inane reason, maybe not so polite to refuse a sweet or some food and people always want to know why you refused. Well, I don’t like sweets anyway but the most common thing I hear is people saying ‘oh you’re on a diet or what’.  When I say no, they’d force me to eat, if I said yes, the entire world would know I’m on a diet.

Less is more

Change 1 big component: there is always one variable which makes all the difference. I cut out rice. Completely. Well almost. I ate rice at maybe 4-5 meals in 2 weeks. that’s a big task considering I consume rice for every meal. I lost 3kgs in 2 weeks. and dropped a 2% on body fat. This was without even exercising. Well I did limit my carb intake such as cut out on bread, chocolates etc but went totally apeshit with beer on the weekends which balanced it out. Still lost some weight mate!

It could be chocolate, alcohol or chips for you. Just cut out that shit.


Get motivated. I had a trip to goa which was around the corner. So that was good motivation. and immediate. I know a lot of folks might say think long term, while that’s right, but having some important event or occasion sometime soon, where you would like to look a little better at least helps you get started

Lack of choice

I pretty much ate the same meals everyday as suggested by Tim Ferris. Cutting out choice just helps you deal with it better. You don’t have to think much and just focus on eating. I ate 2 eggs for breakfast, baked beans and chicken & vegetable stir fry for lunch and dinner for most of the 2 weeks. It just makes it easier to do. like having a uniform or something. It just gets you on autopilot.


Losing weight is simple. Being consistent is challenging.

Yeah that’s right. Losing weight is simple. It just involves consuming less calories than you burn. So all you have to do is either eat less or exercise more. However the key thing here is to be consistent. Just a couple of days off the diet can make you not want to go back. I guess it’s just like being an addict, every time you fall off it, it’s much harder to get up again. Don’t quit if you don’t want to start over. If you can’t do the diet, do a little exercise. That just helps you keep momentum

Make the goal your only focus

At least for the stipulated time maybe 2weeks or a month, just make the weight loss or fat loss your only goal. It will soon become a habit. Try not to focus on another important habit which will involve using your willpower such as maybe getting up early or something like that. Use your willpower muscle sparingly. There’s only so much you can do.

Document it

Yeah, this does help. Write down whatever you eat. It helps keep your diet or exercise regimen on track. I don’t quite know the exact science of why this works but it definitely does. It also makes you feel like a writer.

Anyway I fell off the bandwagon. I guess I had conflicting goals. people told me I had lost weight. That was good to hear, but it was also followed by your looking thin. Well I hate being called thin. I’d rather have people call me fat face, fat lips whatever that’s better than being called thin. I’m quite weird like that. so I got off the diet and decided to eat more and exercise more. Just get a little stronger perhaps.

So there you have it my experiment with a diet to lower body fat. Doing something like this fun. Try it.

Things I realised in 2013

374251_10152793785605184_180826402_nThis maybe a little premature, considering it’s not Dec yet when a list like this should typically come out. But Dec is always a busy month. Considering, all my bitches are coming down, it’s going to be tough to get anything on the blog. Although I have run through the possibility of this article having more life if I was stoned or wasted as I maybe next month. But well this is now and who knows then.

Life’s a bitch

So be a dog and fuck it. Wise words from my ol friend Marisa! Yes, life will routinely test you and bring you down. It’s gonna fuck you up and bring you to your knees and make you wanna eat big bobs cock meat sandwich. But resist. Cause that’s the easiest thing to do, not the wisest but the easiest.

I’m tested every day at my new job. It’s demanding, and after a 2 year mini –work cum vacation its incredibly challenging. But I’m doing my best to hang in there, hoping to learn from it so that I get something greater out of it.


Live your dreams. But start small.

I don’t draw fat pay cheques. But I love to travel and I do. Maybe I’m lucky but I’ve figured you don’t need a lot of money to live your dreams. You just need to plan and prioritize. Far too often I come across people who complain that they don’t make enough to go abroad for a holiday. These are the same people that go to expensive bars and buy expensive phones. A decent phone is 75% of your ticket money. And that’s Europe! There’s Vietnam, Thailand and the continent of Africa. All pretty affordable and do able.   Sorting out leave though, maybe a cause for concern.

Don’t buy into the fleeting happiness of material things.Spend on experiences, they will last you a lifetime.  Start small and taste blood. That’ll help you chase your dreams harder and faster.

Education. Never underestimate it

MBA’s are the new whipping boys. Only pilots without jobs are considered more common than MBA’s. Maybe not. But every day you come across a large number of people that make education or pursuing a higher degree not so valuable. I have batch mates who mention they’ve wasted two years. Maybe, but they also claim to have an unfair advantage over their colleagues and draw higher paycheques than those who worked those two years they studied. Dropping out is overrated. Far too glamourised. Don’t go by Jobs and Zuckerberg. Remember they dropped out of Stanford and Harvard. That’s the word!

Friends are family

Friends over lovers. Bros over hoes. Too often we move away from the latter to please the former. Only to come back to the former when the latter is your former. Don’t do that. Your friends may take you back. But you never should have left in the first place.

Girlfriends are important

If your as lucky as I am, youll know what I’m talking about J .But whoever said I was lucky! Relationships are underrated. They are like a well oiled beast of a machine. You’ve gotta pamper it, put in some effort, but when you’ve got things in control, you only want to let it loose. Your girlfriend is your escapism. Both your red and blue pill.

Comparisons are unfair. Always

Never compare yourself to anyone. Success has far too many complex variables to put anyone on an even keel. Environments, education, family, friends…they all shape us in so many unique ways its impossible to say everyone’s equal. Everyone’s environment is different;     all you can do is play with the gifts that God gives you. Sometimes, I can’t stop comparing beating myself up for not being up to someone else standards. But I’ve almost kicked the habit. Its redeeming when you don’t. Don’t live your life thinking about anyone else’s dreams and how they are achieving it. Learn yourself, discover what makes you happy, and never let go. Find what you love and let it kill you. Or save you.


Never Ready

Waiting for people to accompany you to do things you love is a bad idea. You don’t need the company. Travel, join a class. You don’t need anyone; you don’t need company to do something you’ve always wanted to. If you wait for people to join you, you might have to wait a very long time. Go forth!

Work may never end but college sure does!

Slick oiled hair, clean shaven, except for traces of a moustache that still casts doubts about the completion of puberty; I slowly put on my newly bought, ill fitting formal clothes. Hoping it would hide my usual laidback, not showered-just out of bed look, I made my way to college.

Crowded railway stations. How I hate traveling in the city. The train slows down and we get in. It’s relatively early so it’s less crowded. Still a stale smell looms in the air which is quickly taken over by another stench as we go past the creek.

The journey was uneventful but filled with anticipation and anxiety. The questions were many but I wouldn’t know the answers any time soon. Marine Lines station arrives. The cab pulls over outside St. Xavier’s. The stone building stares at me. Could the two years change me? I wondered.

The opening speech was uninspiring, ordinary maybe. Frankly, at the time I was more worried about the dress code rather than anything else. The tucked in shirt, neat hair, polished shoes, was already getting difficult to put up with. Just another week, the seniors informed me. Collared T’s, jeans and sneakers would be back and life would be good again.

Introductory games always make me queasy. Saying something about myself in a room filled with unknown faces makes me nervous. And that’s only to say the least. Approximately thirty people introduced themselves to me. An hour later, during the math lecture I could remember none.

At the beginning of every academic year, I make a promise to myself to give it my best and work hard. Sitting on the first bench, seemed like a decent start. On the third day I had graduated to the last. Just then the realization dawned. I was back in college again.

Some people we kick off instantly with. With others it takes some time. Over here, it would definitely take some time.  Lol.

Read management articles and write reviews. The first assignment had begun. I could see everyone religiously and sincerely writing reviews slightly wary of the others. Over here, plagiarism could land you in serious trouble or so we’d been told. After a few days, if you didn’t copy, edit some one else’s work you simply weren’t a management student. And plagiarism be damned.

The second day Fr. Jesurajan entered. I look at him. Then at Kunaal. 30 years down the line, I’m sure no one would be able to tell the difference. Speeches, assignments soon began to occupy our time. An open book test was declared and everyone was scurrying through their notes. The race for marks had begun.

An important part of management school is to teach you how to lead people, to motivate and successfully interact with them. The first assignment in the management communication tried to exorcise all our demons of speaking in public without a script.  We had to deliver a speech without reading.Readingin front of a crowd is easy. The words are in front of you and you don’t need to think. A lot changes without a script. Your mind blanks out, your lips don’t move. Your mouth runs dry and you’re lucky if your knees don’t give way. All this inspite of memorising the speech. Imagine something impromptu. Phew. Live to die another day. Fortunately my speech was average and something that wouldn’t linger in my mind or peoples for better or worse.

Economics, accounting, finance…they never leave you. Felix’s statistics lectures were 3 hours of freedom. The IT lectures were 3 hours of torture. The Spanish lectures were 3 hours of both and of Rancy and Manish. In retrospect learning the language could have helped so much. Sigh! If only …

Chitra didn’t make operations research any easier. She solved problems faster than I could borrow a pen. I sometimes wondered if she wrote so quickly so that the movement would help the blood circulation in her arms. She wore the tightest sleeves I’d ever seen. No kidding.

The first year was progressing quickly and in comparison to the other people I was regressing rapidly. Everyone around was so occupied in meeting deadlines and submissions and here I was wondering how I have all the time in the world to read, play ball, eat and then take a short nap. One word – the power of delegation. When you’re in a class with a majority of women who are nothing short of perfectionists half the battle is won. Ofourse, it helps if you act helpless and not so intelligent. Let them feel sorry for you. Its alright, your work is done. Also, be prepared to be picked last when project groups are formed.

As the year moved on my perspective about the course was gradually changing. It wasn’t a life changer; it did open your mind to different things and perspectives. But more than anything else I was looking at it as one big party. A vacation of sorts from the real outside world.

This was in total contrast to most of my batch mates. 72 hours a week isn’t easy and often I would come across girls breaking down from the stress unable to cope. More than a few breakups. The stress was telling.

The year ended and I interned at Parle products. But that’s another story for another day.


I chose marketing to major in the second year. And the real learning began. Its funny how such little time is devoted to a specialization considering it’s the reason you joined a Bschool while so much time is spent teaching you basics of something you probably would never end up doing. Sometimes its’ also unbelievable how much one can learn just listening to brilliant professors speak and offer their view points and guidance.

The third semester ended quickly and the fourth was pretty much a washout.

So in retrospect maybe the course didn’t give me a great job or a steep learning curve. But it has given me a few great friends (now if only you’ll can finance my start ups), many great times and plenty of great ideas ( ok maybe just a few). So many people, so many personalities, so many secrets and so many dreams. While it didn’t radically change my life, life’s not the same either.

I mean in which Bschool do you hear of people playing cricket, basketball and chess bet matches on a regular basis. And this is not including the throwing of paper balls, the funny spanish skits, drawing penis tattoos, Sahil getting drunk, Melissa getting stoned, MJ staring at random boys and sometimes girls, Kapadia making orgasmic noises and feeling me up, Satwik making weird sounds, Tommy talking like a goat and biting like a bitch, Chinaal constantly hitting on women etc etc. you get the point.

So XIMR provided some unforgettable times and some unforgettable people and maybe, even for just that I would do it all over again. (Minus the toxic fumes that nearly killed me. Haha)

I’ve written this in parts and have been meaning to complete it for a long time.  Its patchy work I know. But I just had to complete it. Because I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be in a class. What it is to sit down and dream. What it feels like to be wasted. And I needed to write it down because soon I’ll forget what all of this even was to even miss it.

25 things you didnt know about me

Posted on Feb 25, 2009 on my Fbk Account. Incase you didnt know me then.

1. I throw up before every big event: exams, interviews, speeches, games, asking her out.
2. I love reading nutrition facts on food packages and the manuals of all the tech gadgets that I buy over and over.
3. Eminem, Metallica and Korn got me through my most troubled years. Thank you.
4. When I’m rolling on my bed unable to sleep I sometimes plot crimes and find ways to get away with them. You do it too, right? Right?
5. Basketball, books and music are my forms of escapism. Nothing else matters.
6. I’m a dreamer. Blank stare.
7. He-man and his crew were the best. I love u guys. Jjitsu and Fisto you guys rawked! Screw you Gi Joe.
8. I will voice my opinion whether you like it or not. Sometimes, to say what needs to be said, you need to risk pissing people off.
9.Ginny from Harry Potter, Marisa from OC, Jennifer Parker from Rage of Angels are a few fictional characters I fell in love with.
10. I love most forms of physical activity. Basketball, ketsugo, gymming…..I’m sorry I have family on Facebook so I can’t elaborate.
11. I tend to get bored really easily. No I’m not an adrenaline junkie; I’m just a lazy monkey.
12. I hate it when people take other people or their time for granted. I’m sorry if I’ve done the same. I really am.
13. Unless I respect people, I cannot hang out with them. Some of my friends are plain exceptions. 😛
14. I can always relate to the song “Teenage Dirtbag”. Oops I’m not a teen any more. Find me another song.
15. I was 6 when I volunteered to sing a Christmas carol at some competition (impromptu). I forgot the words as soon as I landed on stage. My sister or Mum got up on stage and sang the rest. I’m too embarrassed to ask who.
16. When I was in school I used to play chess and anti-chess with my self. Yes, me against myself. It adds variety to your game.
17. I’ve read every book of the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Five Find Outers series and most of the Hardy Boys Case files. Yes, that was a long time ago. Phew!
18. I run like I’m about to fall, oh you’ve seen me at it!?
19. I am slightly hard of hearing, a little colour blind and lack sense of smell. No, I will not visit an ENT.
20. Sunday school, VBJ, Altar servers, Stanislaus and Joltax were the best days of my life.
21. My Std 1 class teacher once punished me when I asked her if I could use the toilet. I still don’t know why
22. My dad still doesn’t know that I haven’t appeared for my MCom exams. Yes, the results are just not declared yet.
23. I used to collect tazo’s and cricket cards. Once, I took home a cricket card without the shopkeeper’s knowledge. My mum took me back and made me return it
24. I was a decent footballer until the 6th grade when a 9th grade student kicked the ball real hard on my face. I was out for a couple of minutes and football was out of my life.
25. I’m a virgin. Shit, you knew that?

This is Madness! This is Krav Maga!

“Closer, he’s tiring, he’s done, he’s over, finish him”  Its nearly 35°C, we are in the middle of May and I’m not sure whether it’s the heat, the adrenaline or the plain exhaustion that has me sick to my stomach about to throw up, but fight hard to keep it caged within. My lips purse slightly and slyly to force a smile, careful to conceal the pride I feel at managing to last even if it was for a mere 60 seconds. Last? 60 seconds? No, this is not some perverse experience you might think I’m talking about. This is Krav Maga where 60 seconds of intense training can almost leave you short of breath for the next 6 hours. I push myself up; leaving behind a pool of sweat. It’s getting hotter on this terrace which resembles a cage straight out of WWE surrounded by iron mesh.

Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system … but you can look that up on your own time.

The punishment takes place every weekend. Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. It starts with a warm up which isn’t for the faint hearted. Followed by learning the techniques and then the mad sparring where a bunch of people (around 6-8) surround you and close in on you with rectangular cushioned shields. You’ve got to punch and kick the hell out of them till…till you collapse.

Krav Maga aint easy and not every one can go through the torture. Which is exactly what makes it so effective.  Bruised knuckles, aching muscles and punctured egos are common in martial arts. But the insane adrenaline isn’t- you wont find it elsewhere.  Not in karate atleast.

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure why I like to train, why I like to fight. Its not some silly channelise your energy shit. It’s about knowing and feeling. Christopher McCandless once said “… How important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong”. Sometimes it’s even more than that. You know Achilles in the movie Troy? Gerard Butler in 300…I want to be like them – killing machines.

This is madness. Madness? This is KRAV MAGA.

Paradox City

“The queen’s necklace looks really beautiful at night; we must come
here more often” she said “Yes, It does, but look how filthy the water is, even the night can’t hide its ugliness” I said unable to exercise restraint over my tendency to overlook the better things and jump right to thenegatives. “But I guess this is the best we get, we live in Mumbai”

All of a sudden there was a gentle pat on my shoulder. I turn around
to find a little girl, with flowers in her hand, which probably had
been thrown out from the fancy hotel nearby after they had adorned its lobby with their delicate elegance. She extended them towards me,
pleading with her eyes that I take them; the price could be negotiated
later. I looked away like I usually do, but something in her eyes made
me turn back. There were dried tear marks all around them. Her face
was filled with emotion, but she put on a brave front. She could cry
later, but now at 1 am, it was time for work. But her eyes kept
betraying her. It was painful, my heart sank and it was almost like
someone was jabbing at my chest. I gave her some money without taking
the flowers. (Now you might say that act only encourages the begging
trade in the city which thrives on our emotions of guilt and sympathy.
Maybe it does, but she was a kid, maybe if she didn’t make enough
money she would get beaten up. We all have targets right? If a measly
sum of money could prevent physical abuse even for a day, if
preventing her temporarily from the threat of it means encouraging the
trade then so be it)

To be continued…