25 things you didnt know about me

Posted on Feb 25, 2009 on my Fbk Account. Incase you didnt know me then.

1. I throw up before every big event: exams, interviews, speeches, games, asking her out.
2. I love reading nutrition facts on food packages and the manuals of all the tech gadgets that I buy over and over.
3. Eminem, Metallica and Korn got me through my most troubled years. Thank you.
4. When I’m rolling on my bed unable to sleep I sometimes plot crimes and find ways to get away with them. You do it too, right? Right?
5. Basketball, books and music are my forms of escapism. Nothing else matters.
6. I’m a dreamer. Blank stare.
7. He-man and his crew were the best. I love u guys. Jjitsu and Fisto you guys rawked! Screw you Gi Joe.
8. I will voice my opinion whether you like it or not. Sometimes, to say what needs to be said, you need to risk pissing people off.
9.Ginny from Harry Potter, Marisa from OC, Jennifer Parker from Rage of Angels are a few fictional characters I fell in love with.
10. I love most forms of physical activity. Basketball, ketsugo, gymming…..I’m sorry I have family on Facebook so I can’t elaborate.
11. I tend to get bored really easily. No I’m not an adrenaline junkie; I’m just a lazy monkey.
12. I hate it when people take other people or their time for granted. I’m sorry if I’ve done the same. I really am.
13. Unless I respect people, I cannot hang out with them. Some of my friends are plain exceptions. 😛
14. I can always relate to the song “Teenage Dirtbag”. Oops I’m not a teen any more. Find me another song.
15. I was 6 when I volunteered to sing a Christmas carol at some competition (impromptu). I forgot the words as soon as I landed on stage. My sister or Mum got up on stage and sang the rest. I’m too embarrassed to ask who.
16. When I was in school I used to play chess and anti-chess with my self. Yes, me against myself. It adds variety to your game.
17. I’ve read every book of the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Five Find Outers series and most of the Hardy Boys Case files. Yes, that was a long time ago. Phew!
18. I run like I’m about to fall, oh you’ve seen me at it!?
19. I am slightly hard of hearing, a little colour blind and lack sense of smell. No, I will not visit an ENT.
20. Sunday school, VBJ, Altar servers, Stanislaus and Joltax were the best days of my life.
21. My Std 1 class teacher once punished me when I asked her if I could use the toilet. I still don’t know why
22. My dad still doesn’t know that I haven’t appeared for my MCom exams. Yes, the results are just not declared yet.
23. I used to collect tazo’s and cricket cards. Once, I took home a cricket card without the shopkeeper’s knowledge. My mum took me back and made me return it
24. I was a decent footballer until the 6th grade when a 9th grade student kicked the ball real hard on my face. I was out for a couple of minutes and football was out of my life.
25. I’m a virgin. Shit, you knew that?

Let it slide

“The ability to let that which does not matter truly slide.”. Remember Tyler Durden? Fight Club?

As soon as I heard the protagonist say that, I couldn’t swear more by that line. It became my mantra pushing everything that bothered me under the carpet, making myself believe its water under the bridge, let it flow. So whatever went against my way of thinking went out of the window (The shrinks call it Cognitive dissonance). Whoever hurt me could *******  they are not worth it anyway.It made me feel better about myself and protected my ego. It’s a good thing to do, it makes you stronger.

But then sometimes you shut out the right stuff just because it feels wrong. And then suddenly you get so caught up in letting things slide you lose the ability to let the things that really matter not slide. Friends, relationships….they all begin to slide. It takes a lot of time and effort to hang on to these. Life just gets complicated as it progresses and the people who simplify it move away. Most of the time you don’t realize it until you’ve hit rock bottom and you’re home alone on a Saturday night. But then once again you let it all slide, it doesnt really matter, telling yourself you’ve got better plans, better plans like updating your blog.

This is Madness! This is Krav Maga!

“Closer, he’s tiring, he’s done, he’s over, finish him”  Its nearly 35°C, we are in the middle of May and I’m not sure whether it’s the heat, the adrenaline or the plain exhaustion that has me sick to my stomach about to throw up, but fight hard to keep it caged within. My lips purse slightly and slyly to force a smile, careful to conceal the pride I feel at managing to last even if it was for a mere 60 seconds. Last? 60 seconds? No, this is not some perverse experience you might think I’m talking about. This is Krav Maga where 60 seconds of intense training can almost leave you short of breath for the next 6 hours. I push myself up; leaving behind a pool of sweat. It’s getting hotter on this terrace which resembles a cage straight out of WWE surrounded by iron mesh.

Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system … but you can look that up on your own time.

The punishment takes place every weekend. Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. It starts with a warm up which isn’t for the faint hearted. Followed by learning the techniques and then the mad sparring where a bunch of people (around 6-8) surround you and close in on you with rectangular cushioned shields. You’ve got to punch and kick the hell out of them till…till you collapse.

Krav Maga aint easy and not every one can go through the torture. Which is exactly what makes it so effective.  Bruised knuckles, aching muscles and punctured egos are common in martial arts. But the insane adrenaline isn’t- you wont find it elsewhere.  Not in karate atleast.

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure why I like to train, why I like to fight. Its not some silly channelise your energy shit. It’s about knowing and feeling. Christopher McCandless once said “… How important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong”. Sometimes it’s even more than that. You know Achilles in the movie Troy? Gerard Butler in 300…I want to be like them – killing machines.

This is madness. Madness? This is KRAV MAGA.

Paradox City

“The queen’s necklace looks really beautiful at night; we must come
here more often” she said “Yes, It does, but look how filthy the water is, even the night can’t hide its ugliness” I said unable to exercise restraint over my tendency to overlook the better things and jump right to thenegatives. “But I guess this is the best we get, we live in Mumbai”

All of a sudden there was a gentle pat on my shoulder. I turn around
to find a little girl, with flowers in her hand, which probably had
been thrown out from the fancy hotel nearby after they had adorned its lobby with their delicate elegance. She extended them towards me,
pleading with her eyes that I take them; the price could be negotiated
later. I looked away like I usually do, but something in her eyes made
me turn back. There were dried tear marks all around them. Her face
was filled with emotion, but she put on a brave front. She could cry
later, but now at 1 am, it was time for work. But her eyes kept
betraying her. It was painful, my heart sank and it was almost like
someone was jabbing at my chest. I gave her some money without taking
the flowers. (Now you might say that act only encourages the begging
trade in the city which thrives on our emotions of guilt and sympathy.
Maybe it does, but she was a kid, maybe if she didn’t make enough
money she would get beaten up. We all have targets right? If a measly
sum of money could prevent physical abuse even for a day, if
preventing her temporarily from the threat of it means encouraging the
trade then so be it)

To be continued…