The banality of evil – Written by a friend

As i go through a bulging bic mac, my inquisitive companion attempts at preserving our feeble conversation
“So, whats this song about then, the banality of evil?”

The irony of the question, ofcourse, doesnt catch upto my simple friend focusing on his beefy (in more ways than one) burger.

“Well its sort of like how even common people will be accessories to the most hideous and unspeakable crimes of humanity, even augment it through order and structure, simply by reasoning to themselves “thats how things are done or how they’re supposed to be”; the holocaust for example. Most times, they are able to cope up with transgressing what they’d otherwise consider evil, simply by not dealing directly with it, by electing a leader who they know favours ethnic cleansing and will indulge in it if elected, for instance. A king who might order people tortured and killed, as long as he doesnt have to see it happen, would i think make another good example.”

“Oh, well not very relevant then in todays civilised world, I mean no person in their right mind would support something like the holocaust now or even elect a maniac who favours ethinic cleansing, we dont have many kings neither, do we? Funny thing they should name a song that, can’t imagine many would relate to it.”

“Perhaps not, but it still happens in many ways, its inherent in our nature. Anyway…so how you…um….enjoying your um…BEEF BUR-GER?” I said stressing on the ‘beef’, conjuring images of large packed abattoirs, cows being culled, skinned, mainly by machines, places of death filled with fear and shit, processed, grilled, nicely packed into wrappers, branded and sold to me and my friend here; and that cute little kid with the most endearing smile (kiddie meal, ofcourse), and his mommy.

“Um, well, i probably should eat less of this garbage, its a bloody challenge getting off my ass” said my friend oblivious .

As I laughed in concurrence, it hit me why you just gotta love humanity, and how it works, with all its flaws and greatness. It also hit me that the girl in the black jeans who just walked by had a butt like how it should be.

A different kind of similarity

A week gone by,

And here I lie,

My mind flooded by her thoughts,

We don’t talk much, it’s like we’ve just fought


I’m unable to concentrate,

Tried so hard to get you out of my head,

I’ve been depressed of late,

Don’t fall for her everybody said.


I keep telling myself, it’s of no use, move on,

Making myself believe, your feelings for me have long gone.

It’s difficult, nothing seems to work,

At the end of the day I just feel like a jerk


I know she likes me, she really does,

Maybe I haven’t slept, I think I’m a little too buzzed.

Excerpts (written over a period of time)



An open window,the only source of light

A twisted distorted shadow,a pitiful sight.

An axed tree,a decaying log

A sadistic mind,clouded by an evil fog

An open ground with a bottomless well

The fires are burning,the fires in hell

A strange sound,The wind has blown

The seeds of hate have just been sown

The window closes,the lights go out

His lips curl into a smile hearing her shout

January 2007

A long december

The past couple of weeks have been a rollacoaster ride,

Sometimes I scale tall peaks, the next moment I need a place to hide.


The shadows don’t runaway,

The sun doesn’t shine,

The darkness stretches on for infinity,

The nights are all mine.


I sit and stare, looking everywhere,

For no thing in particular,

It’s all black and white,

It’s life stripped off it’s colour.

I’ve stepped onto familiar ground,

But it still feels new,

I’m nervous, I’m lost

I’m never going to be found.


My mind wanders off, to a faraway place,

An undesired location, with no familiar face.


I’ve gone too far ahead, leaving no clue,

No one will come to look for me, not even a few.

December 2006

Shower Scribble

Theres nothing like a cold shower, especially when theres sweat trickling all over your body. Theres also nothing like pondering in the shower, especially when you have nothing to ponder over.

I’ve thought off a couple of sayings, they don’t make for interesting reading but what the hell if your on this page you don’t have anything interesting to do anywayz.

How can you be yourself if you don’t know who you are.

Whats life if you have nothing to complain about.

Damn there are just two, maybe I should shower more often!