Coming undone.

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It’s that time again, where we almost say good bye

that time where we don’t know what we are in for

So we stay lonely for a while, tears washing away our smiles

But then we say that this is not what we want and wipe our eyes dry.


We stay on, stay for some more time,

We can’t go now, you don’t say what you feel, but your eyes they can’t lie

The truth can wait, there’s no need for it,

Pushing our issues under the carpet, but building them up, bit by bit.

Then the scarlet pours from our hearts,

Drifting us away and tearing us apart.


So we get back together again, till our disagreements pull us down,

when you stay late at work, when I’m out of town,

Our roads are different, although they are intertwining

we’re under the stars but tonight they are not shining.


So we can’t stay apart, Cause there’s always something new to talk about,

Sometimes making you squirm, making me want to tear my hair out

You’re beautiful, in such a timeless way that will stay on forever,

But this is taking its toll, I can tell, as your voice, it quivers








There’s that space I’ve always wanted to fill,

But I understand, I can’t be everything to you,

My heart cant stop racing but your emotion lies still

So turn around and walk away, and that’ll be my cue


But then it’s so hard to let you go,

To never see you walk again through my bedroom door,

And I’ll be alone walking at bandstand,

and lonely at Christmas, dancing by myself to that crappy band

There won’t be anyone to buy roses for anymore

and you won’t be around to call when I’m feeling so low,

Country music doesn’t seem so bad, now when I look back

At least they got things on a happier track

So no more trips to see the divine,

No more calling my baby all mine

And I won’t see that smile of yours, burning brighter than the sun,

And although this is my good bye, let’s hope this can be undone.

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