About Shaun DCunha

“She said I was interested in everything and committed to nothing.” ― Gregory David Roberts, Shantaram.

I haven’t come across another line that felt like it explained my whole life quite as accurately. Perhaps the phrase ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’. I’m like the child who will obsess over a toy for all of 2 days and never play with it ever again.

I like the idea of doing things. Wherein I read for hours, complete TV shows and do movie marathons. And work out obsessively. But I don’t, all I love is the idea. An hour into it and I’ve put down the book, turned off the show and do random things which I cannot measure or recall. I’m quite random. I hope you understand what I’m trying to say.

I enjoy a diverse range of subjects and topics ranging from psychology, philosophy, geopolitics, to music, songwriting, chess and cricket. I’m a fan of scotch. Now I actually drink it for the taste and not just to get hammered.

I’m quite the vagabond in many ways. I like to wander from place to place and I’ve dreamed of living life like a hippie even though I’m not sure I will ever come down to doing that. I don’t have a bucket list of any sort.  If I did, it would change every now and then. I just get out there and do what I feel like doing.  I don’t think much before I can take a big life decision but I second guess it often.

So this is my life. And I’m glad you dropped by.

12 thoughts on “About Shaun DCunha

    • You definitely should visit. Its beautiful and inexpensive. Maybe North India as well – Dharamshala etc. Where you from and how is Thailand treating you?


    • The surnames Portuguese, cause of the Missionaries. A lot of Hindus were converted to Christianity/Catholicism back then, although we probably are under 2% of the population now. So yeah most Catholic surnames are Portuguese in India


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