Things I realised in 2013

374251_10152793785605184_180826402_nThis maybe a little premature, considering it’s not Dec yet when a list like this should typically come out. But Dec is always a busy month. Considering, all my bitches are coming down, it’s going to be tough to get anything on the blog. Although I have run through the possibility of this article having more life if I was stoned or wasted as I maybe next month. But well this is now and who knows then.

Life’s a bitch

So be a dog and fuck it. Wise words from my ol friend Marisa! Yes, life will routinely test you and bring you down. It’s gonna fuck you up and bring you to your knees and make you wanna eat big bobs cock meat sandwich. But resist. Cause that’s the easiest thing to do, not the wisest but the easiest.

I’m tested every day at my new job. It’s demanding, and after a 2 year mini –work cum vacation its incredibly challenging. But I’m doing my best to hang in there, hoping to learn from it so that I get something greater out of it.


Live your dreams. But start small.

I don’t draw fat pay cheques. But I love to travel and I do. Maybe I’m lucky but I’ve figured you don’t need a lot of money to live your dreams. You just need to plan and prioritize. Far too often I come across people who complain that they don’t make enough to go abroad for a holiday. These are the same people that go to expensive bars and buy expensive phones. A decent phone is 75% of your ticket money. And that’s Europe! There’s Vietnam, Thailand and the continent of Africa. All pretty affordable and do able.   Sorting out leave though, maybe a cause for concern.

Don’t buy into the fleeting happiness of material things.Spend on experiences, they will last you a lifetime.  Start small and taste blood. That’ll help you chase your dreams harder and faster.

Education. Never underestimate it

MBA’s are the new whipping boys. Only pilots without jobs are considered more common than MBA’s. Maybe not. But every day you come across a large number of people that make education or pursuing a higher degree not so valuable. I have batch mates who mention they’ve wasted two years. Maybe, but they also claim to have an unfair advantage over their colleagues and draw higher paycheques than those who worked those two years they studied. Dropping out is overrated. Far too glamourised. Don’t go by Jobs and Zuckerberg. Remember they dropped out of Stanford and Harvard. That’s the word!

Friends are family

Friends over lovers. Bros over hoes. Too often we move away from the latter to please the former. Only to come back to the former when the latter is your former. Don’t do that. Your friends may take you back. But you never should have left in the first place.

Girlfriends are important

If your as lucky as I am, youll know what I’m talking about J .But whoever said I was lucky! Relationships are underrated. They are like a well oiled beast of a machine. You’ve gotta pamper it, put in some effort, but when you’ve got things in control, you only want to let it loose. Your girlfriend is your escapism. Both your red and blue pill.

Comparisons are unfair. Always

Never compare yourself to anyone. Success has far too many complex variables to put anyone on an even keel. Environments, education, family, friends…they all shape us in so many unique ways its impossible to say everyone’s equal. Everyone’s environment is different;     all you can do is play with the gifts that God gives you. Sometimes, I can’t stop comparing beating myself up for not being up to someone else standards. But I’ve almost kicked the habit. Its redeeming when you don’t. Don’t live your life thinking about anyone else’s dreams and how they are achieving it. Learn yourself, discover what makes you happy, and never let go. Find what you love and let it kill you. Or save you.


Never Ready

Waiting for people to accompany you to do things you love is a bad idea. You don’t need the company. Travel, join a class. You don’t need anyone; you don’t need company to do something you’ve always wanted to. If you wait for people to join you, you might have to wait a very long time. Go forth!