Mean Girls

“She really ought to get a life, I’m not sure why she tries to act cool, and she’s so fake! It clearly doesn’t suit her you know, I just can’t stand her anymore”

“Exactly! Trying to be like us and trying to fit in, doesn’t she get it, that’s just not her. It gets so annoying from time to time, it’s so evident that she wants to be just like us”
“Whoa! Hold on; hold on, I thought you guys were buddies? Like one big happy family, you’ll actually have issues? With her?” I butted in, visibly surprised, no, pretty shocked actually to hear all that was being said. “But shes kinda sweet, I mean she’s a really sweet person.”

“Yes, Shaun, we do have issues, issues with her, and she’s NOT sweet, she’s FAKE, happy? She gets on my nerves and..” Simone paused in her usual irritated manner, like she was repeating the entire episode for the hundredth time “Oh God never mind, you’re such a bumface, you daft boy”

“ Whatever man, I think she’s fine and anyway if you’ll think she’s so annoying why do you’ll pretend otherwise when she’s around? As for being like the two of you, I didn’t quite get what u meant”

“You know, she pretends like she doesn’t care about studies and its like putting on a show. Don’t you see it, she just tries to fit in, like act like us, and be like us. We don’t tell her anything cause it’s a B School, you have to be nice to people. Spending so much time here with them, its just the smart thing to do.

“Bullshit! I don’t think she does that, you guys just want to judge people. If you don’t think much of her maybe you guys should act like you don’t. This is pretty insane, I had no idea you’ll think like this, this is so strange. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m in a teen movie..not because of the hot girls but cause of the bitchiness, its like ..You know like I’m in the movie “Mean Girls”

I was evidently perturbed by Kyra’s whole “be like them” explanation. The feeling was soon replaced by amusement. Such theories seemed pretty hilarious. An innate sense of realization seemed to dawn on me.

To think people wanted to be like them? Were they just naïve or plain stupid? Granted they were pretty “cool” but you wouldn’t say they were made up of the stuff that prom queens are made of. But yes she would kill to be like the two of you, right?

The second is why “she” wanted to be like them. Because they don’t study? This might sound extremely ridiculous coming from me but Not Studying is not cool. People write you off, especially when you draw blank looks on subject matter more often than Vaidu says Fock off. This isn’t Van Wilder or American Pie, people are here to learn and get the best grades. Or so I thought. But XIMR never ceases to surprise you. To clarify what is going through your mind, its not that I don’t bury myself in books. I do. Just the wrong ones at the wrong time

Diplomacy was the third. Well actually it didn’t quite amuse me. It hit home the realization that maybe these are the strategies you’re main plays are based on in the big bad world of business. To thrive, maybe even to merely survive you’ve got to throw more than a few fake smiles, applaud their average works, say “Shut uppp” to exhibit disbelief even though your granny’s conversations are far more interesting.

So the next time someone is unusually nice to you, think again, the person maybe in love with you or maybe he/she just can’t stand you at all. This is life, sometimes this is business and maybe everyday this is XIMR.