You live. You learn.

2014 was a fantastic year. An epic year.

A year where I haven’t regretted anything. Of course, there were decisions that I’ve sometimes second guessed. But it’s been backed with the maturity that taking bold decisions are a part of life. You win some and you learn some. That’s an important part of growing personally. The ability to take a few hits coupled with the understanding that these are small roadblocks and in a few years maybe even in a few months these wrong turns may not even matter. Sure, some of them might, but you can back yourself to tackle them.

Although the year just raced by, it’s been a year of consciousness and conscientiousness. I took the time to feel. I’ve tried to tackle my apathy. I’ve tried to draw in the reins on my stoic attitude and tried to apply a greater degree of self knowledge.

On the contrary I’ve also learned that my poorest decisions are taken out of emotion. You don’t take major life decisions when you’ve just been hit. You have some fine Scotch and sleep over it.

I’ve looked for progress not perfection. Which I believe is another turning point. Progress is encouraging and keeps you going. It’s as simple to understand as it is difficult to apply. Now I just focus on baby steps.

I’ve learned that it’s unfair to expect people to understand what you’re going through. Most people won’t. They can’t. Cause your situation is unique to you. The few that do, keep them close. Real close.

At the end of it all, it’s important to be hopeful. A new year brings hope. A chance to start over or an opportunity to pick up from where you left off. It’s a clean slate once again. That in itself is quite liberating.

I’m looking forward to 2015. To be present. To just be.

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