How I lost 2% BF in 2 Weeks

Circa 2007: Your getting a little tummy mate, said my co worker mockingly. Annoying prick had a 6 pack. ‘Whoa, no chance mate, I’m too thin for that to happen. I just can’t put on any weight’ I replied, my pride hurt. ‘Whatever, that what everyone says at your age’ he said and walked away.

Fast-forward 2014: Those somewhat washboard abs have merged into one big ugly bump giving me the look of kwashiorkor kid we learned about back in school.

You see growing up I was scrawny (yes, people often called me that) and grossly underweight. Went on a mission to put on weight care if it was fat or muscle, my obsession was with the needle to move right. Well it definitely turned out to be more fat than muscle. A lot more fat.

But at least I got the numbers up from 53kgs to 80kgs.


Anyway, a couple of months back I casually visited the dietician at work, since a colleague of mine was going and it seemed an interesting idea to check my stats, you know body fat, BMI and all. I like performance stats for some reason. I have no idea why.

While it was nothing surprising that my body fat shown at 20% it made me feel pretty bad all the same. Maybe because just 5 years ago it was at 14? but yeah fuck that was 5 years ago before I went on my ‘See Food Diet’ to put on some pounds which went horribly wrong and instead of Tom Hardy from Warrior made me look like Homer Simpson (it won’t be long before my head looks like his as well but I’ll save my balding story for another day)

So I decided to go on a diet. The Slow Carb Diet suggested by the super human Tim Ferris ( the guys a genius, read his work) It must be easy I  thought. Well it was and it wasn’t. But I learned quite a bit during the whole process which can be applied to life in general. Here goes.

It is much easier to eat than not to eat.

When I was thin, I thought these fat folks have it easy. If you have a super fast metabolism like I did back then, you have to work for each pound that you put on. It’s not easy. Eating all that food is tough and time consuming. But I still found that to be much easier than saying no to food. Not eating something is difficult for obvious reasons such as hunger, comfort foods etc but it also has to do with the people around you. Eating healthy or maybe following a particular diet becomes such a big deal. People get all cocky and say ‘oh your dieting’ drawing all kinds of unwanted attention.

It’s also, for some inane reason, maybe not so polite to refuse a sweet or some food and people always want to know why you refused. Well, I don’t like sweets anyway but the most common thing I hear is people saying ‘oh you’re on a diet or what’.  When I say no, they’d force me to eat, if I said yes, the entire world would know I’m on a diet.

Less is more

Change 1 big component: there is always one variable which makes all the difference. I cut out rice. Completely. Well almost. I ate rice at maybe 4-5 meals in 2 weeks. that’s a big task considering I consume rice for every meal. I lost 3kgs in 2 weeks. and dropped a 2% on body fat. This was without even exercising. Well I did limit my carb intake such as cut out on bread, chocolates etc but went totally apeshit with beer on the weekends which balanced it out. Still lost some weight mate!

It could be chocolate, alcohol or chips for you. Just cut out that shit.


Get motivated. I had a trip to goa which was around the corner. So that was good motivation. and immediate. I know a lot of folks might say think long term, while that’s right, but having some important event or occasion sometime soon, where you would like to look a little better at least helps you get started

Lack of choice

I pretty much ate the same meals everyday as suggested by Tim Ferris. Cutting out choice just helps you deal with it better. You don’t have to think much and just focus on eating. I ate 2 eggs for breakfast, baked beans and chicken & vegetable stir fry for lunch and dinner for most of the 2 weeks. It just makes it easier to do. like having a uniform or something. It just gets you on autopilot.


Losing weight is simple. Being consistent is challenging.

Yeah that’s right. Losing weight is simple. It just involves consuming less calories than you burn. So all you have to do is either eat less or exercise more. However the key thing here is to be consistent. Just a couple of days off the diet can make you not want to go back. I guess it’s just like being an addict, every time you fall off it, it’s much harder to get up again. Don’t quit if you don’t want to start over. If you can’t do the diet, do a little exercise. That just helps you keep momentum

Make the goal your only focus

At least for the stipulated time maybe 2weeks or a month, just make the weight loss or fat loss your only goal. It will soon become a habit. Try not to focus on another important habit which will involve using your willpower such as maybe getting up early or something like that. Use your willpower muscle sparingly. There’s only so much you can do.

Document it

Yeah, this does help. Write down whatever you eat. It helps keep your diet or exercise regimen on track. I don’t quite know the exact science of why this works but it definitely does. It also makes you feel like a writer.

Anyway I fell off the bandwagon. I guess I had conflicting goals. people told me I had lost weight. That was good to hear, but it was also followed by your looking thin. Well I hate being called thin. I’d rather have people call me fat face, fat lips whatever that’s better than being called thin. I’m quite weird like that. so I got off the diet and decided to eat more and exercise more. Just get a little stronger perhaps.

So there you have it my experiment with a diet to lower body fat. Doing something like this fun. Try it.

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