25 things you didnt know about me

Posted on Feb 25, 2009 on my Fbk Account. Incase you didnt know me then.

1. I throw up before every big event: exams, interviews, speeches, games, asking her out.
2. I love reading nutrition facts on food packages and the manuals of all the tech gadgets that I buy over and over.
3. Eminem, Metallica and Korn got me through my most troubled years. Thank you.
4. When I’m rolling on my bed unable to sleep I sometimes plot crimes and find ways to get away with them. You do it too, right? Right?
5. Basketball, books and music are my forms of escapism. Nothing else matters.
6. I’m a dreamer. Blank stare.
7. He-man and his crew were the best. I love u guys. Jjitsu and Fisto you guys rawked! Screw you Gi Joe.
8. I will voice my opinion whether you like it or not. Sometimes, to say what needs to be said, you need to risk pissing people off.
9.Ginny from Harry Potter, Marisa from OC, Jennifer Parker from Rage of Angels are a few fictional characters I fell in love with.
10. I love most forms of physical activity. Basketball, ketsugo, gymming…..I’m sorry I have family on Facebook so I can’t elaborate.
11. I tend to get bored really easily. No I’m not an adrenaline junkie; I’m just a lazy monkey.
12. I hate it when people take other people or their time for granted. I’m sorry if I’ve done the same. I really am.
13. Unless I respect people, I cannot hang out with them. Some of my friends are plain exceptions. 😛
14. I can always relate to the song “Teenage Dirtbag”. Oops I’m not a teen any more. Find me another song.
15. I was 6 when I volunteered to sing a Christmas carol at some competition (impromptu). I forgot the words as soon as I landed on stage. My sister or Mum got up on stage and sang the rest. I’m too embarrassed to ask who.
16. When I was in school I used to play chess and anti-chess with my self. Yes, me against myself. It adds variety to your game.
17. I’ve read every book of the Famous Five, Secret Seven, Five Find Outers series and most of the Hardy Boys Case files. Yes, that was a long time ago. Phew!
18. I run like I’m about to fall, oh you’ve seen me at it!?
19. I am slightly hard of hearing, a little colour blind and lack sense of smell. No, I will not visit an ENT.
20. Sunday school, VBJ, Altar servers, Stanislaus and Joltax were the best days of my life.
21. My Std 1 class teacher once punished me when I asked her if I could use the toilet. I still don’t know why
22. My dad still doesn’t know that I haven’t appeared for my MCom exams. Yes, the results are just not declared yet.
23. I used to collect tazo’s and cricket cards. Once, I took home a cricket card without the shopkeeper’s knowledge. My mum took me back and made me return it
24. I was a decent footballer until the 6th grade when a 9th grade student kicked the ball real hard on my face. I was out for a couple of minutes and football was out of my life.
25. I’m a virgin. Shit, you knew that?

6 thoughts on “25 things you didnt know about me

  1. Interesting………but not very impressive……..very unlike ur usual blogs…….nothing outta the ordinary.

    m sure i could write 25 things u didnt know abt urself !!!!!!! ( thats if ur not too arrogant to accept that u didnt know those things about urself 😀 )


  2. Hey Suzee, hope u remember me, I am Siddhesh, one of Shaun's exceptional friends (refer his point #13), just wanted to caution you of unnecessary arguments with Mr Dcunha after you write 25 things about him.

    Hey Suzee, hope u remember me, I am Siddhesh, one of Shaun’s exceptional friends (refer to his point #13), just wanted to caution you of unnecessary arguments with Shaun after you write 25 things about him. You think he will ever accept anything negative about him??!! if you think yes then I am sorry but you don’t know him well.


  3. Hey Suzee, Siddhesh here, hope u remeber me? One of Shaun’s exceptional friends (refer to his point #13). I couldn’t help but comment on your reply, I wanna caution you of an unnecessary argument u would invite from Shaun after you write 25 things about him. You think Shaun is so humble to accept anything (especially NEGATIVE things) about him without being arrogant? if you think yes, I am sorry but u still have to know him well.

    And now with this reply I have invited an argument for myself from him. Now i will have to give “instances”, “time”, “places”…!!!


    • hahahaha…………i so agree wid u siddesh………thats y il write it and send it to u coz i know ul agree wid me and then we’l meet up and point at shaun and laugh!!!!! the best part will be that he wont even know y we’r laughing at him 😀 😀

      and btw……………of course i rem u 😀


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