Paradox City

“The queen’s necklace looks really beautiful at night; we must come
here more often” she said “Yes, It does, but look how filthy the water is, even the night can’t hide its ugliness” I said unable to exercise restraint over my tendency to overlook the better things and jump right to thenegatives. “But I guess this is the best we get, we live in Mumbai”

All of a sudden there was a gentle pat on my shoulder. I turn around
to find a little girl, with flowers in her hand, which probably had
been thrown out from the fancy hotel nearby after they had adorned its lobby with their delicate elegance. She extended them towards me,
pleading with her eyes that I take them; the price could be negotiated
later. I looked away like I usually do, but something in her eyes made
me turn back. There were dried tear marks all around them. Her face
was filled with emotion, but she put on a brave front. She could cry
later, but now at 1 am, it was time for work. But her eyes kept
betraying her. It was painful, my heart sank and it was almost like
someone was jabbing at my chest. I gave her some money without taking
the flowers. (Now you might say that act only encourages the begging
trade in the city which thrives on our emotions of guilt and sympathy.
Maybe it does, but she was a kid, maybe if she didn’t make enough
money she would get beaten up. We all have targets right? If a measly
sum of money could prevent physical abuse even for a day, if
preventing her temporarily from the threat of it means encouraging the
trade then so be it)

To be continued…

5 thoughts on “Paradox City

    • I’m glad you liked it. Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, my HDD crashed and with it my hopes of posting part 2.
      But I still remember the episode decently well, so I shall make an attempt. Thanks for dropping by.

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