This is Madness! This is Krav Maga!

“Closer, he’s tiring, he’s done, he’s over, finish him”  Its nearly 35°C, we are in the middle of May and I’m not sure whether it’s the heat, the adrenaline or the plain exhaustion that has me sick to my stomach about to throw up, but fight hard to keep it caged within. My lips purse slightly and slyly to force a smile, careful to conceal the pride I feel at managing to last even if it was for a mere 60 seconds. Last? 60 seconds? No, this is not some perverse experience you might think I’m talking about. This is Krav Maga where 60 seconds of intense training can almost leave you short of breath for the next 6 hours. I push myself up; leaving behind a pool of sweat. It’s getting hotter on this terrace which resembles a cage straight out of WWE surrounded by iron mesh.

Krav Maga is an Israeli combat system … but you can look that up on your own time.

The punishment takes place every weekend. Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings. It starts with a warm up which isn’t for the faint hearted. Followed by learning the techniques and then the mad sparring where a bunch of people (around 6-8) surround you and close in on you with rectangular cushioned shields. You’ve got to punch and kick the hell out of them till…till you collapse.

Krav Maga aint easy and not every one can go through the torture. Which is exactly what makes it so effective.  Bruised knuckles, aching muscles and punctured egos are common in martial arts. But the insane adrenaline isn’t- you wont find it elsewhere.  Not in karate atleast.

Sometimes, I’m not quite sure why I like to train, why I like to fight. Its not some silly channelise your energy shit. It’s about knowing and feeling. Christopher McCandless once said “… How important it is in life not necessarily to be strong, but to feel strong”. Sometimes it’s even more than that. You know Achilles in the movie Troy? Gerard Butler in 300…I want to be like them – killing machines.

This is madness. Madness? This is KRAV MAGA.

5 thoughts on “This is Madness! This is Krav Maga!

  1. I’ve heard a lot about it. Infact, with all the clamor for women’s self protection, I even enquired around for this one alongside Jujutsu and Karate.
    I heard this one isn’t good for cramped spaces, which is what Mumbai and metropolitan cities are. Is it?


    • Krav Maga unlike Jujustsu (mainly a ground fight) & Karate is street fight (attack on sensitive areas for max damage) and not choreographed as much, so definitely much better for self defense in any cramped/non cramped place.
      You should def try it out, although physically and even mentally, it is rather demanding. Thanks for dropping by. Have a great day.

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      • Kickboxing/MMA perhaps? But the more intense, the more safe you are. Its a thrilling experience, unrivaled by Karate. I’m sure you’ll love it. And if you eat well, you should be fine right?

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