Yo yo yo, I don’t wanna sound like 50cent ..that bitch gives his life on rent,
Nor like some old fag with his old back bent,
So lets get down to business lady, n no my name aint shady,
This songs bout our dear old India,
Suffocating with pollution right up till her Bindya
What are our leaders doing for the betterment of this democracy of ours,
All they seem to want to do is bury it with dead flowers
All they do is give their usual blah blah
Coz giving a speech creates some mad hype n hoopla
Anyways this aint supposed to be no poem
And me writings a bad fkin omen
This is ma first and I know its kinda sad
But like they say your first can go pretty bad
So you can probably classify this as rap,
Get off yo ass bow and clap
So this is all the shit I could write
Trying to channelise all that spite
Now you might think I’m a lil weird like an old man with a haggard beard
But Im just a lil wannabe trying to write a decent song
So I could get into those videos with those gals in their pretty ass thongs
I know this sucks and it wont get me big bucks
So im gonna call the quits on this shit
Else you mofo’s deem me mentally unfit
Later Dawgs!

(I was 16..DONT JUDGE)

3 thoughts on “Crap

  1. HAHAHAHAAHHAHA….TOOO GOOD BABES!!! lol…the talent in the making i see…lil corny n gay..but hey dats how u express urself..n i as a reader got the msg n felt wut u felt!! bwahaha…luv u much timez home slice!!


  2. LOL!! You do sound like the ‘Eminem inspired 10 year old’ in this! But for a 16 year old….this is gooooood stuff! \m/

    P.S: So this is what u and Pinto wre talking about 2day! 🙂


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