So where do we go from here?

“Because it’s the question of your life and not knowing what to do is fuckin scary….but I didn’t choose to be this way! Lucky are all those people who have set their goals and are working on them”. Riddhi’s response to her career choice or the lack of it got me thinking.

I always wanted to be a wrestler when I was a kid, being bad seemed real good. I looked in the mirror and was pretty glad with what I saw…until I was told I my six packs were actually ribs. Good bye Hulk Hogan.

Michael Jordan could fly. The least I could was try. Sadly, trying wasn’t good enough and neither was I. Goodbye NBA.

The first subject I ever loved in college was law. The Practice, Philly and Boston Legal were like no other. Law, I figured was something that I could do. Arguing was my forte and I liked finding loopholes in systems. Dressing the way lawyers did on TV and having sexy, intelligent co workers seemed amazing. I was chilling at Samarth’s one evening (his dads a civil lawyer) and came across a few law books. They weighed around a ton. You get the drift. Goodbye Devil’s Advocate.

I somehow managed to graduate with an average score to the astonishment of my folks who thought I wouldn’t clear. So now what?

I had no idea. Most people knew. R & S wanted to be air hostesses, married, have kids and quit, Farzad always had his Dad’s bar, Marisa wanted to be the PR queen, Ryan loved logistics and Sidesh well he had other issues.

So I decided to join a bank. In the first hour I knew I wouldn’t last long.
Two months later I was at a Market Research firm and Eight months later I was home preparing for CET. Why? Better prospects? Not really, I didn’t enjoy working and just wanted to get back into those glorious days college secretly hoping it would prepare me for something big and open a few doors.

I still don’t know what I want to do. Of course it worries me. Strange looks are drawn when I provide inconclusive answers to the career questions. That’s just the way I’m wired, I can’t help it if I just don’t know. But you know what I do know; I know what I don’t want to do. I don’t want to be a CEO who doesn’t have a life, who doesn’t see his family, who can’t even see his toes (haha). I don’t want to be drawing fat pay checks and then crib about my job. Blame it on lack of ambition or just the desire to have fun (which we shall discuss some other time). Anyways I’m sure there are plenty of people like me out there who may just feel the world is passing them by but it really isn’t. Sometimes not knowing only makes life more interesting, you can have a new career every day. What will I do? Experiment maybe, cause unless you don’t experience it or live it, you don’t know shit.

10 thoughts on “So where do we go from here?

  1. 😮
    You know you can be a writer, right? 🙂 You won’t draw fat pay checks and you will have fun too! maybe a few years down the line…..when you are done with drawing fat paychecks, you can quit and start writing!

    As for our career issues….I hope we find a way out of it! And live happily ever after…. 😛


  2. U BLOODDYY COCK! i love u and if nuttin works fo u, i shall marry u n bring u here n u can be my slave ….i mean wonderful husband and wait on me n cook fo me while i bring the money home!! muhahaha..wut say? LOL jus makin a suggesstion……..wutever u do its not gonna be a waste, do somethin dat u will enjoy cus ull be doin it fo the rest of ur life, havin a degree n shit will not really get u nethin or take u newhere (Well mayb it will)…but jus do wut makes u happy, im doin wut i enjoy even thou it has its ups n downs….but wutever u do..ill always love u n i got ur bak!!! ❤ ❤


  3. Hey der… Riddhi is right u know, u can always give it all up & start writing full time… Corporate life absolutely sucks, appraisals & ass-licking sums it up well…

    I’ll Quit once i make my fortune & turn writer or at least a ferocious blogger 😀

    It’ll be something I’ll do, just cos i wanna…


  4. Dudee….dats a nice piece u’v written… nd yeaaaah i guess there are 4 people in our class i know of who want to and surely can become good writers :D…i’m annu,riddhi,shaun n satwik 😀


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